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Who said the Oscars aren’t predictable?

*Spoilers!! Duh. This is a post about the Oscars. If you didn’t watch it yet (seriously why would you DVR that for another time, it’s an in the moment kind of program, like the super bowl), don’t keep reading.*

I think the best parts of last night were when Ellen was being her same hilarious self. The pizza? Genius. The selfie? Even more genius. I’m proud to admit I was a part in helping Twitter crash.

A group of my filmmaking friends and I all got together last night to enjoy the epitome of award season. We dressed in our best black tie outfits (bow ties are apparently making a comeback) and stuffed our faces with oscar themed foods (I brought High ‘Gravity‘ Cookies, which were a huge hit so I may have to post the recipe for the world someday).

As the awards commenced, we all placed our guesses for each category, playing to see who could guess the most out of the 24 categories (the winner got 16). Now, as informed people of the film community, we could all tell for most of the bigger categories who was going to win, mostly because we recognize the difference between who we want to win and who will actually win. Now, I only guessed 7 correctly, but only because my heart took over on many of the categories, or I hadn’t seen any of the films within the category and just made very uneducated guesses. Foreign films and documentaries or shorts? Sorry, just didn’t have the access and/or time to see those.

Many of us also thought that this would be the year Leo would finally get that pity vote (it’s a think that happens people, look it up). Don’t get me wrong, he was great in Wolf of Wall Street. But I don’t think he was the best. Matthew definitely deserved the Oscar. I mean, he went anorexic for the part. That’s a kind of dedication that doesn’t get looked over. But still. Leo keeps trying and trying. Maybe next year. At least he’s not a sore loser (ahem… Taylor Swift…)

The main choice (Best Film) was the one most of us got correct, if not all. I don’t think any of us didn’t think 12 Years a Slave wouldn’t win that. I mean, just look at the content. And the acting was brilliant (with a premium British accent). While I liked many of the other films better, and would have liked to see either Her or Nebraska win it, I knew they wouldn’t.

Oh, and of course we had a big argument over Best Song, as well. The Disney principle tends to apply to both this category and Best Animated Film: If a Disney movie/song is in the running, it wins. Did many of us think ‘The Moon Song’ from Her should have won? Hell yeah. Did some of us smarter people still guess that the song from Frozen would still win it? Damn straight. I loved ‘The Moon Song’ infinitely more than ‘Let It Go,’ but I still knew that Frozen would take it.

Other than those few moments of disagreement, we just sat back and joined the night. I know more than one of us was dreaming we were actually there, maybe nominated for something… Who knows? Anything can happen.

It was a fantastic night. One of the best Oscars on in a while. Ellen should do it more often.