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I’m about to get serious here. And everything I’m about to say may get deleted if someone corrects me. Or fixes me. Helps me. Some variation of those things. But until then, it needs to be said.

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, which is the reason for the new blog. I could have started back on that one I created 2 years ago and didn’t follow through with, but who wants to do that? That one’s old and crappy and from a different time in my life. New is better. New is so much better. Maybe not in the world of blogging. I really have no idea.

I curse. That’s the point of this message. The actual point. Not one of my rambling points. I use curse words. I say things that some people might find offensive (I don’t know you, you could like taking things a little too far, you could be fine with everything). I feel as though the world is coming around, but I’m a good enough person to state the warning anyway.

I have no idea if there’s a NSFW setting somewhere I can change. Because I’m going to curse. I can’t even remember if NSFW includes cursing.

The point is, I curse. I believe that words are words, and that’s all they are. They’re words until they have actions behind them. Before that, they’re sounds (or in this case, visual symbols) that our brains interpret to have meaning. So for the purpose of this blog, they’re just words. Accept it or get out, people. I’m not going to censor myself, as I shouldn’t have to. This is a creative blog filled with my creative work. Unless it’s not creative, as this post really isn’t.

I’m going to keep making the point in case someone decides to skim and they miss it the first couple of times. I CURSE.

There’s no excuse for not knowing now. Any complaints later on will be ignored. Just a warning. This is the internet. You don’t have to read. You can just continue on with your day.