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Here it is. The dreaded first blog post.

I’m feeling so much pressure to say something significant. Something to reel people in so they stick around to keep reading. Though I also feel this need to be honest with myself. I know that nothing I say in this post is really going to do anything to keep you around right now. That’s if you’re even reading this. I could just be talking to the expanse of cyber space with no actual eyes to see this. There might be a bot looking at this. I don’t know. I also don’t care.

Anyway, now it’s time to be honest with anyone who makes it this far into the post. I’m just using this post to test out themes. Trying to pick a theme with nothing to actually look at doesn’t really work all that well.

But if you care to know, and you’re still reading (what is the matter with you?), I’ll be using this blog for my fictional writing as well as my every day opinions about anything and everything. Probably more deep things, but I’m sure I’ll have some shallow things to talk about as well.

Happy Reading! (Seriously, how did you make it this far? I couldn’t even standing writing all of this.)